Lead Across Cultures

Connect to the dynamism of the global economy through our portfolio of on-the-ground learning opportunities that make up the TuckGO global requirement. Faculty-led immersive global courses. International consulting engagements. Term exchange programs, projects, and more.

On the ground in Haiti for a TuckGO learning opportunity.


Learning is boundless in our interconnected world. But to truly understand how others live, work, and do business—a requirement for today’s leaders—nothing rivals being on the ground in another country. In TuckGO, students choose from a portfolio of immersive global courses that provide them with the skills and knowledge to successfully navigate diverse business environments.

At Tuck, the world is your classroom. Take on a real business challenge for an international client through an OnSite Global Consulting engagement. Broaden your perspective on a faculty-led Global Insight Expedition to a new business environment. Apply classroom concepts to complex business challenges in a global First-Year Project. Spend an engrossing term abroad on exchange at one of Tuck’s 19 partner institutions around the world. Or deepen your global exposure through a self-designed independent study or internship in a country that is new to you. Click here for a global view of TuckGO.


of students participate in a global opportunity during their time at Tuck.